Saturday, March 19, 2011

Time Flies When Your Having Fun!

And we are having a blast!  It's so hard to believe that Clay is 17 months old and running everywhere!!!  And I mean everywhere, into everything and always looking for a ball.  He is so much BOY, constantly busy, constantly eating- I can't imagine what his teenage years will be like.  But we are enjoying every moment, taking lots of pictures (even though they aren't making it on here) and we are laughing alot!  Clay's laugh is the best sound ever.  I just love to hear it, so he gets tickled alot just so I can hear him laugh.

Right now everything is "ball" or "football" so one day before Tim got home I decided to put Clay in his UT outfit (fearful that if I didn't he would never get to wear it!)  Needless to say Tim was shocked when he saw Clay and asked where I found that!!!  Special thanks to Patrick and Amanda for the UT outfit!  Of course I had to take a few pictures for the scrapbook pages....never know when I might need these.

Doesn't Clay look absolutely adorable in ORANGE!  He just climbed up in his chair, started watching tv and was just relaxed (probably a little tired too).  He is such a big boy.  He is very helpful around the house.  Really into "trash", always wanting to put stuff in the trash can.  Sometimes it really is trash and sometimes it's our remote control, which we can't locate at the moment  :-P or a sippy cup that he has finished.

Hopefully it won't be 17 more months before I get back on here, if so Clay will talking in full sentences! Oh my!

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